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Carpets Steam Cleaned Inc. has been serving St Petersburg Fl for over 10 years and we offer the best floor cleaning at a great price. We are experts at removing the stains other carpet cleaning companies leave behind. Our powerful truck mounted cleaning units deep clean carpets like no other, a clean and fresh smelling carpet will be a pleasure for all to enjoy. We are your one stop cleaning company for all you cleaning needs, there are many option to choose from but we will alway be the best choice. Customer service is very important to us and we always do whatever it takes to make our customers happy. Our highly trained cleaning staff is ready to serve you.
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Carpet Cleaning St Pete

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Our powerful equipment will clean your tile and grout to a new like state.
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Why We Only Use Family Safe Cleaning Chemicals To Clean Your Carpet

Keeping a St.Pete carpet clean when there are pets and children present in the house can be a challenge. Sadly, many of the products and chemicals that are often used in cleaning carpets can be hazardous to animals and children. This presents a dilemma for many families. They either have to use potentially dangerous cleaning products in order to restore their carpet to its original state or avoid the harm to their loved ones while the carpet remains unclean. Thankfully, there is another option.


Family safe cleaning chemicals can be used to restore carpets to a spotless condition without jeopardizing the health and wellbeing of young children or pets. If a child or animal comes into contact with a toxic carpet cleaning chemical then the results can be severe. Sadly, many carpet cleaning chemicals are heavily toxic and can cause negative consequences for animals up to and including death. If children were exposed to toxic cleaning chemicals then the results can range from skin irritation in the case of tactile contact through to serious illness in the case of ingestion. Family safe chemicals offer a positive, safe alternative When you are in need of a deep St. Petersburg carpet cleaning make sure your chemocals are safe.


The components to family safe cleaning chemicals consist of non-toxic substances which have far less risk for vulnerable family members who are exposed to them. These can range from non-toxic artificial chemicals through to entirely natural ingredients. There is another benefit to using a less toxic form of carpet cleaning. Family friendly carpet cleaning chemicals are also kinder to the environment when disposed of. This means that families can rest assured that their choice of carpet cleaning method is friendly to both their loved ones and the world around them.


Family friendly cleaning chemicals are the best choice to ensure the safety of precious young children and pets. There is no downside to using them as they are able to clean as effectively as their dangerously toxic alternatives.


Three Types of Carpet Cleaning

A carpet is a resilient type of textile fabric that we use to keep our homes warm and beautiful. This fabric, just like any other fabric, needs thorough cleaning occasionally to keep it clean and to help it last for a long period. Carpet cleaning in St. Petersburg is a delicate process that requires a high level of professionalism. Here are three types of carpet cleaning methods that you should know. You can then ask your carpet cleaner to use the cleaning method you find most appropriate.


- Hot Water Extraction


This carpet cleaning method popularly referred to as steam cleaning, uses the power of hot water under high pressure to dissolve the dirt in the carpet. The carpet cleaner applies the cleaning agent on the carpet, uses the steam cleaner to dissolve the dirt and then rinses the carpet. This method takes about two hours for a 3000sq feet carpet which would then take four hours to dry. You should take your carpet to the cleaner in the afternoon and then pick it up the next day.


- Dry Carpet Cleaning


Invented in the 1980s, this carpet cleaning method is ideal for commercial offices because it does not disrupt the daily activities at the office. It uses biodegradable materials that absorb dirt dissolved in the carpet. A counter rotating machine brush opens up the fiber of the carpet allowing these materials to settle inside the fiber. This in turn cleans the carpet from deep within. It is an effective and highly convenient method of cleaning carpets.


- Bonnet Cleaning


This is a suitable cleaning method for hotels and restaurants because they need to remove stains from their carpets before their clients notice them. It works very fast and it can even work in high traffic areas such as the hotel lobbies. It entails the use of motorized machines with spinning pads immersed in cleaning solutions. The solution absorbs the dirt on the surface of the carpet but unfortunately, it does not clean beneath the carpet. When you need a carpet cleaning St. Petersburg service make sure the use the method that best serves you.


Why we only use truck mounted cleaning units to clean your Carpets in ST. Pete

A truck mounted carpet cleaning unit will give your carpet and tile the deepest clean. When you are in the need of a carpet cleaning St Petersburg service to be provided make sure that the carpet cleaner uses a truck mount. Truck mounted cleaning units produce hight heat with high vacuum to clean your carpet like no other.


Benefits Of Getting Your Carpet Cleaned By A Pro.

There is no denial that renting a carpet cleaning machine will cost you lesser than calling a professional carpet cleaner home or giving your carpet for to a reputed carpet cleaning company. However there are more than a couple of benefits of a carpet cleaned by a pro which compensate for the cost incurred on the service. Here are some benefits of getting your carpet cleaned by a pro:


1. Industrial-strength vacuum power


Professionals St. Petersburg carpet cleaners who are experienced at carpet cleaning understand the importance of vacuuming before proceeding ahead with any kind of cleaning. It is for this reason that pros vacuum your carpet first with an industrial strength vacuum cleaner to eliminate any traces of hair, dust, dirt or any other dry contaminants.


2. You avoid breaking your back


If you call a professional to your home for carpet cleaning, he takes on the responsibility of removing all the furniture and placing it back when the job is done. This saves you the labor of removing and replacing the furniture which could be back breaking at times. You just need to make sure that removing and placing the furniture back on its place is a part of the contract and not at an extra fee.


3. Protection


A pro knows how to protect your carpet from future accidents and stains. You must ask your St. Pete carpet cleaning agency to apply specially manufactured cleaning agents to your carpet to guard it against spills and stains in future.


4. Knowledge of different carpet types


A pro knows the difference between various materials of carpets and thus uses the cleaning technique best suited to it. It is wise not to take risk by applying a store bought solution on the recommendation of the store owner as this may cause unwarranted damage to the carpet with no one to blame except you.


5. Guarantee


A professional carpet cleaner also provides you guarantee for his or her work. Reputed companies offer a 15-30 days guarantee which includes a free follow up cleaning in case you are dissatisfied with their work.


These benefits strongly cement the fact that getting your carpet cleaned by a pro is a lot more beneficial than either doing it yourself or just hiring a cleaning machine.


Carpet cleaning St Petersburg Fl

2016 is here and it is a great time to get your carpet cleaned in St Petersburg, Steam Pro knows that money is tight after the holidays and that is why they are offering some of the best carpet cleaning specials in the cleaning industry. Carpet needs to be cleaned at least once a year to prolong its life. Steam Pro are true experts when it comes to stain removal, they carry all the proper cleaning chemicals that are effective and safe for the whole family. Trust the #1 carpet cleaning company in all of St. petersburg Fl.


Reasons why you should always hire a professional St Petersburg Fl carpet cleaning company

Do you want to get your carpet cleaned and you are wondering if you should hire a professional carpet cleaning company to do the job for you? If yes then you are not alone, many people usually think that washing their carpet by themselves is actually cheaper than hiring a professional carpet cleaning company but that is not true. In fact, if you decide to wash your carpets, you will end up spending more than letting a professional handle the tasks for you. Below are reasons why you should always hire a professional carpet cleaning company. 

1. They are experienced

One of the main reasons why you should always hire a professional carpet cleaning company is because they are experienced. A professional carpet cleaning company has a team of staff who are well trained and have sufficient knowledge on how to clean carpets. They have an in depth knowledge of different types of carpet how to wash each carpet fabric. For many years that have been in this industry, they have also come up with new carpet cleaning techniques. When you hire the services of a professional carpet cleaning company, your carpet will not only be cleaned to perfection but their cleaning methods will also increase the carpet’s durability.

2. They have the right carpet cleaning equipment  

Professional carpet cleaning company has the right carpet cleaning equipment. No matter how unique your carpet fabric is made of, you can be sure that a professional carpet cleaning company will deliver quality services. They have also trained their staffs on how to use those machines in order to give the best services to their customers within the shortest time possible.

3. They are more economical

Most people usually think that hiring the services of a professiona St Petersburg Floridal carpet cleaning company is expensive but that is not true. On the contrary, you will actually save more than if you decide to clean the carpet all by yourself. The main reason why professional carpet cleaning companies are more economical is because they always get it right during the first attempt because they have the right cleaning equipment and knowledge. Many people usually end up hiring a professional carpet cleaning company when they finally realize that they are not able to clean the carpet by themselves.

4. They will help save your time

Hiring the services of a professional carpet cleaning St petersburg Fl company will help you save your valuable time. Instead of wasting all day cleaning your carpet, you can instead channel that energy in doing other more important things such as spending time with your family. Knowing that a professional company is taking care of your carpet will also help to relieve stress.


A clean carpet in St Petersburg Florida promotes healthy living


Your home is the biggest investment for you and hence you need to keep it in good condition by cleaning your home regularly. You also need to make sure that you get your carpets cleaned regularly since a clean carpet promotes healthy living. Carpet cleaning can also helps in increasing the lifespan of carpets and enhancing the appearance of the carpet.

There are a large number of health benefits of carpet cleaning as it helps people who have health issues like asthma or other respiratory problems. It can also helps in eliminating the trapped pollutants and toxins from the carpet so that it can get rid of dust, dirt, heavy metals, cockroach allergens and pet dander. Apart from being trapped in the carpets, these pollutants and foreign objects may also get released in the air causing a large number of health issues and hence carpet cleaning is recommended for every homeowner since a clean carpet promotes healthy living. The pollutants and toxins released from the carpet may also negatively impact your ability to breathe especially for people suffering from breathing and lung conditions. Hence professional carpet cleaning is the best option for you because it helps in killing the unwanted bacteria from your home along with removing the most ensconced toxins and pollutants.

Professional St Pete carpet cleaning also helps in preventing mildew and mold growth as these are mostly found in areas of high level of moisture and humidity. The professional carpet cleaners will vacuum and dry your carpets adequately for helping further growth of mold and mildew. With regular carpet cleaning in St Petersburg, you can be rest assured that there is no growth of fungi and bacteria on your carpet but for this you will need to hire carpet cleaning professional who make use of the latest tools and equipment for cleaning your carpets in the most effective manner.